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Confidentiality & Privacy


All medical records are confidential and will be transferred to another facility only by the student's request and signed written authorization to release medical records.  We respect students' right to privacy and will not give any information to anyone, including parents, roommates, friends, or instructors without proper written authorization.

Patient Privacy Rights and Responsibilities

Students have rights and the UNI Student Health Clinic staff is committed to respect and honor all patients we serve.  Our full intention is to protect your Patient Privacy, Rights and Responsibilities.  In the event that you believe your rights or our obligation to meet your Patient Rights are not being met, you may file a grievance/complaint.  For additional information about your rights, privacy or to file a complaint you can contact the Director of the Student Health Clinic at 319-273-7224 or by e-mail:

Advance Directives

While students are generally very healthy, no one can predict when they'll become incapacitated and unable to make decisions about life-sustaining treatment in the face of catastrophic illness or injury.

Here are some definitions and resources that may help you regarding the two types of advance directives -- a living will and a durable power of attorney for health care.

  • Living Will

    A living will allows you to specify that certain life-sustaining procedures be withheld or withdrawn if you are in a terminal condition and unable make your wishes known.  However, medication and medical procedures that provide comfort or ease pain are not considered life-sustaining and are not withheld under a living will.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

    By creating a durable power of attorney for health care you will: 
    • Choose a person to make healthcare decisions for you in case you are unable to do so, in accordance with your wishes. The person named should be someone you trust and who is willing to act in this capacity.  It is important to discuss your wishes with this person.
    • Individuals who have health-care advance directives and would like them to be a part of their health record should provide a copy to the UNI Student Health Clinic.

For more information about advance directives, or forms from the Iowa State Bar Association, visit or ask your UNI Student Health Clinic healthcare provider.


The Student Health Clinic is an AAAHC accredited facility. We participate in a voluntary site survey to measure the quality of our services and performance against nationally recognized standards of The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

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